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Often times the mainstream furniture stores
will tell you that a custom order can be
placed and that you can get what you really
want, but really you are only getting a choice
in fabric and/or filler.  At Trio Furniture, we  
custom build your order to fit your needed
dimensions, fabric, wood, type of stain, and
more.   So if quality, originality, and “fit”
matter to you and your space, then you need
Trio Furniture.
Whether you are a designer working for your client or if you are a direct client,
if you bring us the design specification*, fabric ideas, and any other special
requirements and we can give you an estimate so your ideas become a reality.


Love seats





Throw Pillows

Trio Furniture has accurately documented the
base price*
* on core materials and styles.  This
ensures accurate estimates so there are no
surprises in the price of an item.
Trio Furniture has been meeting and working with top designers
for many years so the process is simple and direct.  You can
request a free estimate by
clicking here or come into the store
front and we’ll work up an estimate for you.  
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*Sleeper units require certain specification for the unit.
** Prices are subject to change without notice